Hey Bicycle what’s your story?

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The first successful airplane and car were only invented one to two hundred years ago. Yet people don’t know that the first documented case of the invention of the bicycle was in 1817. That means almost 200 years of bicycle history.  Yet people assume that biking goes back around eighty years. The bicycle has gone through many stages till it became the modern bicycle we know.

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The first known bicycle was called Draisienne and in English called the “running machine”, and was invented by Baron Von Drais. The bike was more like a scooter, because the bike didn’t have pedals and relied on the rider to push with their feet and glide. The Draisienne was the first bike to have the modern shape with two wheels and a handle bar to steer the bike. The next revolution in bikes was in the 1860s were the boneshaker was introduced. It was the first bike to feature pedals, and the bike had a wood frame with metal tires being the reason it was called boneshaker. The mixture in material caused the bike to have an uncomfortable ride.

The name bicycle started in the 1870s with the introduction of the high wheel bicycle. The bike had a big wheel in front which allowed the bike to go further distance while pedaling. The Rover Safety bicycle: Invented by John Kemp in Starely, England.  This was the bike that paved the way for the modern bicycle. This bike had the same size wheels’ pedals, a metal frame and a strong metal chain. From the 1876 till 1960s few changes were made like the air filled tires, built in kickstand and lighter frames.

Bicycles were even used in the army. In the 1900s each French line infantry chasseur battalion had a cyclist battalion, because the bicycles were able to travel on unpaved roads. The United States tested the use of bicycles for the army, but never actually incorporated them   into the army.

The bicycle has an astonishing history and took hundreds of years to perfect. The modern bicycle is so easy to use that even kids are able to use bicycles. With the bicycle being the most efficient way of transportation, and made for all ages. People should take a little more appreciation to the rich history the modern day bicycle holds.


That’s My Bike, and Yes That Will Be My Bike.

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People set goals that if they ever become rich they will buy a fancy car or a fancy house. Yes, those sound good, but one item that I would like to purchase is  Intense-M16C mountain bike. The bikes MSRP is $8499 and well worth the money. This bike is the Ferrari of bikes and only those who can afford it use it.

The bike M16C is manufactured by Intense which is a California based company that only make high end mountain bikes. The carbon fiber bike is really light weighing only 34.8lb two pounds lighter then it’s aluminum counterpart. Making the bike a great choice for downhill bike racing. The M16C uses the top of the line bike specs like SRAM X01 DH 7-speed drivetrains which delivers quicker shifting, smarter gear steps, and more precise chain management. The tube and overall design is geared for optimal performance; so much even hills wouldn’t be much trouble.

The $8499 price tag might not be for everyone. Having a reliable bike usually justifies price. The thing is I can get a bike for around two grand and it will be great. why do I need a bike for 8499 dollars? Only if I am rich I would buy it just to show off. Be the cool kid on the block.

The Intense-M16C mountain bike is the bike I can’t afford. The gorgeous bike that hopefully one day I will be able to purchase, and would make a great addition to the bikes I own. Having such a powerful bike I would probably start bike racing, because I would know my bike would have no problem keeping up. The bike also would give me some advantages over the competition with its supped up specs that’s not available in lower end bikes. If you have money to spare buy the Intense-M16c mountain bike.

Don’t Use a Semi Working Bike.

Abandoned Bike
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Bikes are just like cars where it always needs to be kept in tip top condition. If not it will start falling apart, and it can be extremely dangerous. Here are a few stories in what happens when using a bike that is not in perfect condition.

People assume that if your bike brakes need to be replaced you can be cheap, and only replace one of the brake. I thought so, my brakes needed replacement and I only had enough money to replace the brakes for the front tire. The next day on my way home from school, while riding my bike trying to go as fast as I can. Suddenly I came across an intersection needing to brake as fast as I can. Having only my front brakes working the biked flipped me off the bike. I was left sitting on the floor, and the bike standing behind me. I was embarrassed, and people where staring. The thing is they had a right to.  I was sitting on the ground right before a crosswalk. That moment I vouched to make sure to replace both brakes every few months.

Be careful when buying a used bike, because you don’t want the bike to fail in the worst possible moment. My oldest brother once bought a bike from a garage sale. The bike was a Huffy speed bike and looked pretty good. The one flaw was the bike had a line in the middle that looked like it was soldered together. The bike was used for a long time. Then one day he decided to go biking with his friends, as he was riding, the bike split in to two parts. My brother luckily didn’t get severely hurt just his pride, as everyone laughed at him. Buying new bikes are always the best option, but if you decide to buy used. Then better make sure it’s in good condition.

The point is bikes need to be maintained or can be extreme hazards. To avoid ending up in the hospital because of poorly maintained bikes. Anybody that rides a bike should make on his own a multi-point inspection insuring the bicycle is in proper working condition.

Understanding The Different Materials Used For Bike Frames.

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If serious about biking and plan on buying a bike, you are faced with having to choose the bike that’s right for you. The frame of the bike is probably the first part you would look at, because it’s the crust of the bike. There are four different materials that are used for bike frames.  Choosing the right frame material for your bike can really impact the bike ride.

If you are willing to pay extra for a good bike for riding hills and everyday use, then get a titanium or carbon fiber bike. Both materials are very strong while also being very light. The lighter the bike the easier it is to ride.  The lighter the bike is, makes being able to lift the bike easy so you can keep the bike stored indoors and making it easier to get up steps. The biggest drawback to these types of frames is that they are very expensive.  They range in the thousands of dollars, and not everyone wants to pay premium prices for a bike.

Steel is the most commonly used material in bike frames. Carbon or high-tensile steel are cheap, strong and long lasting and, due to its strength, makes a good choice for heavier riders. In addition, certain levels of damage to a steel frame can be fixed by a welder.  The downside of steel is that it’s very heavy compared to the more expensive options. Steel also rust and can ruin the bike.

Aluminum frames are strong and can weigh up to 5 pounds less than a steel frame that measures the same size. Aluminum is less durable than steel frames. Whereas steel can be repaired, even slight damage to an aluminum frame can ruin it.

Whatever material you choose when picking out your bike, you must take in all the information and decide your preference by weighing the pros and cons of each material and your biking needs.

Tips and Tricks to Get Through a Bicycle Ride While Driving Uphill.

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There are difficulties to riding a bicycle, so therefore I have a few preferences to the way I ride a bike. The house that I live at is on top of a hill, and riding up the hill with a bike can feel like torture. That was not going to stop me from biking, so I went online to find a few solutions to be able to bike uphill easier.

The simplest solution that I found was to use a speed bike with different gears. Putting the bike on a lower gear would make the pedaling easier and more loose, not causing the rider to use all the energy trying to get up the hill. I tried testing this method so the next time I went biking with some friends. I switched my gears of my bike by the hill, and it was working I was going uphill with little effort. As I was going uphill my feet started getting tiered because of the loose pedaling causing me to pedal twice as much as regular. I realized that switching gears on my bike wasn’t a real solution, because it didn’t solve the problem.

Finally, I found a few solutions that does work. I learned that putting chain oil on the chain of the bike allows the bike to drive smoother even when going uphill. Another great tip was to zig zag on the road which helped keep the momentum going without having to put too much effort in pedaling uphill. Standing upright while pedaling will help get you uphill but will take quite a bit of energy

The best reason for biking uphill is because there usually is a downhill. While riding downhill you get the speed and feel of going against the wind with little effort to pedal. This is basically one of the biggest reasons why most people like biking.

Does Getting Older Mean No More Biking?


Many people in the United States tend to think that biking is for kids. When they reach approximately thirty years old they put down their bike and never ride a bicycle again. That is because they used bikes for transportation and now they have cars instead that go at much faster speeds.   Biking has many benefits that makes riding a bike worth it. A very important reason to continue riding a bike is for your health.   One burns an average of 600 calories per hour of biking.  My main reason to continue riding a bike is simply because biking is fun.

Like most people I received my first bike when I was a little boy. I was so excited when I would come home from school I would beg my parents to go outside and ride my bike. The neighbors and I would race to see whose bike was faster.  When I started high school,   my main mode of transportation was riding my bike.   It was fun being a teenager feeling the rush of the wind and speed.

As I got older I received a car and I thought that I’m probably done with biking, but that was not the case.  It just made it more fun by allowing me to travel to exotic biking locations.  Different backgrounds and much harder trails kept the fun alive and exciting. It reminded me why I enjoy biking and why I would never give it up as a hobby.

Biking is the most efficient way of transportation. In fact, in many countries in Europe there are cities where driving a car isn’t practical because of narrow streets or too much traffic, so therefore they ride bikes around and even take their kids to school on the bike.

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Biking is fun, practical and a  cheap form of transportation. Getting older should not be a reason to stop to riding a bike. Even if you just rent a bike on vacation and tour the city or just going biking once or twice in the summer, you will enjoy biking guaranteed.   Don’t use the excuse that you are too old, because if you have a hard time pedaling you can always get an electric bike!